Thursday, June 19, 2008

How does he do it?

I love watching Criss Angel and I try to never miss a show that he is on. Are you often asking yourself...."How on EARTH does he do that?" I just sit there in awe half the time.
We have been watching magic tricks for a long time now and nothing compares to Criss Angel in my opinion. Sure Houdini and Copperfield were great but no one blows my mind quiet like Criss. He is a master in today's world. You can catch Criss Angel and all the great mysteries surrounding him at the Luxor hotel in Las Vegas where he is now performing. I would love to see him perform live! He also has a new performance in Circe De Soleil called CRISS ANGEL Believe and it should also be a KNOCK-OUT!
How would you like to visit these shows? Well, you now have a chance to win 2 tickets! All you have to do is text 22122 and you could just be sitting in the audience when Criss Angel performs. How cool is that??? Enter the text message contest as soon as possible and be sure to tell all your friends to enter as well.
I am off to enter!

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe



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