Friday, January 19, 2007

Bow WOW Wow ! Too cute

Ok these are so cute. You just have to check them out !!

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Puppy Clippies

Awesome launches to check out

Got the Blues?

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Search Boutique ICING

The BowFairies are spreading some "Awareness" this week! BOW AWARENESS, that is.


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Monday, January 15, 2007

It really is ELMO's WORLD

Get your elmo accessories on the bay !

Click HERE to grab these adorable bows

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And you must have this adorable ensemble *Even comes with a elmo goody bag !!

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Every MAMA needs one of these

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Keep all those GERMIES away!

Click Here to view

We love this . . .

Oh yes we do!

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Click HERE to view pony-tail holder

And check this out (Looks like someone is ready for the show!)

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* SNOW and ICE oh my *

Well, thanks to lovely mother nature we have been blessed with tons of SNOW and ICE. Because of all the SNOW and ICE there have been power outages. "Lovely" NOT!

I have so much to get caught up on so be prepared for OVERLOAD!

Friday, January 05, 2007

Help is on the way !

I recently received an email from a VERY helpful lady. *She wishes to be remained NAMELESS*

VERY HELPFUL AND KIND lady wanted to know if we could start listing colors (Ribbon and bead) for all the new gymbo lines. She thought it would help all the clothing, hair bow and jewelry designers better serve their customers.

WOW! What a great idea! I have never thought of doing anything like that. *VERY HELPFUL and KIND lady is going to supply the colors for us each new line launch and I will post them for all of you to view. She has even mentioned putting together a "PAST LINE" list. COOL HUH??

So Starting on Monday I will have the LAST three lines colors for your viewing pleasure and then everytime a new line comes out there will be a special post.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year=New group

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There's a new group in town.....The designers may not be new to ebay but the concept is and I must say it sounds interesting!

M2MInc. is a group of experienced accessory designers that have come together to give buyers and clothing designers a much needed resource to call upon when they are in search of high quality custom made to match accessories.

Each of the designers love to work directly with customers to create one of a kind items to match their custom, boutique, or retail outfits.
They also enjoy collaborating with clothing designers. The group members can design matching hair bows and/or jewelry that is the perfect finishing touch to a clothing designers auction.

Sounds cool huh?

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So let's find out just WHO is in M2M INC.

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girliegirlbow*tique, *pretty*me*designs*, winipoo, the_sweetest_hearbeat

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According to Shannon, girliegirlbow*tique

"We hope that M2MInc. will make it easier for clothing designers and buyers to find the made to match accessories that they are looking for. By searching M2MInc., you can find the matching accessories you see listed in many of your favorite clothing designers' auctions. Always find current made to match Gymboree hair bows and jewels. And if you don't see exactly what your searching for in our auctions, you can contact any of our designers for a custom designed piece."

"M2MInc. is not your average launch based group. But we will always have m2m Gymboree listings and mini collaboration launches up. We also plan on a few seasonal/holiday launches per year"

M2MInc. has a Friends of M2MInc. board where buyers and clothing designers can communicate directly with our accessory designers. Members of our Friends board will also be able to take advantage of our weekly specials; discounts that will only be available to Friends board members.

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Their debut launch is Jan 3rd 2007.

You can request an invite to their "Friends board" by emailing :

SEARCH M2MINC to view all their listings

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