Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Glenn Beck's Summer Political Tour

Glenn Beck, I am sure you have heard of him. He is one of the top political talk shows of our time. Whether you love him or hate him.....let's face it.....He has listeners and lots of them!
I happen to like Mr. Beck. I agree with most of his views. (please no hate mail!) lol
Afterall, What would the world be like if everyone had the same views? A pretty boring place THAT'S WHAT.
I used to listen to Glenn Beck after dropping my daughter off at school every morning. Not only does he have a great show filled with topics that I find interesting but he is FUNNY! So, if you happened to pull up beside me while I was listening you would probably see me laughing hysterically.
How am I getting my Glenn Beck fix these days? TV of course! I love the fact that he has his own talk show on tv where I can watch him every night.
I have never been able to attend one of his shows LIVE but I heard they are HUGE everywhere he goes. Right now he is heading up a Summer Political Tour and his next stop is Dallas, TX on July 17th. If you are in the Dallas area then you must check out his LIVE show.

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